Akaneia Animelee Pichu Skins

Animelee Pichu skins based on the Pichu Akaneia alts. These can be used as additional alts on m-ex/Akaneia or as replacements for red alt. Includes stock icons and CSPs. Check out me, @Wave, @davidvkimball and @Ungepistol for some of the other Akaneia Animelee alts.

P.S Obviously these aren’t exactly like the real Akaneia alts with the unique hats since I don’t have too much experience with blender. But, on the plus side, @xRunRiot gave me permission to make some unique looking Akaneia color-accurate alts based off of his unique Animelee Spikey Eared Pichu models, so thank you so much and shout outs to him!

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