Cool Melee

for this to work you need to go into dolphins settings go to the advanced tab and enable emulated memory size override and put it to 30MB anymore than that will break the games textures

this is a character/stage expansion mod

use xdelta patcher to patch this mod

Xdelta tutorial:

Xdelta download:

this is a reupload because I messed up the the first upload and accidentally made it anonymous

Some characters are Sans, Slippy, Funky Kong, Mr. L, Sonic and many more

there are new stages too such as pumpkin hill, small battlefield and many more

there are some quality of life changes such as short hops now have a dedicated input (which is Y and full hops are X) separate from full hops and tap jump is now disabled


Lucas in melee; Blue Build 0.3


Wario Ware Throne Room (camera fix)

Bob-omb Battlefield Ω – FD Skin

How to play [N64]

Luigi’s Mansion FoD

Bikini Bottoms

Better Hyrule Temple

Smash 2 Underground

Ken’s Stage – Street Fighter

Inverted Pyramid – Mario Odyssey

Val’s Custom Melee Pack

Sans (Undertale) – Mario



Gooigi (Spooky Melee) – Luigi

Gooigi Red

Dark Samus (by Steelia)

SpongeBob (Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl)


Ayumi Tachibana Mod Pack

Doom guy Falcon


Dark Link

Dark Link (Two Versions)

Dark Young Link

Shadow Mewtwo (from Pokken DX) [With Recolors]

Shadow Mewtwo CSP Pack

Funky Kong (Super Mario Strikers) – Donkey Kong

Mr. L – Luigi

Mr. L Pink Luigi

The Ultimate Spacie with the Knee

Dry Bowser

Dry Bowser Alts

Pikachu Libre

Tuxedo Marth

Snag the trophies! stage without trophy spawn (Reupload)

Cave of the Past

City Trial

Falcon’s Realm Melee

Smash 64 Intro Stage

Untitled stages (Pack 1)

Ripple Star

Midnight Marquee

Castle Siege

Yoshi’s Treasure Hunt

Card Castle Boss Room – Deltarune (Fixed Spawns)

Asgard – Rumble Arena


Small Battlefield


Mirror Chamber/Rainbow Route – SSF2, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (Fixed spawns)

Great Plateau Tower

Dark Beam and Grapple

if I missed any credits just tell me and i will add them

I have also made a tier list for all the characters

there are a couple of known bugs as some of the single player content does not work, lucas’ side special does not work and a lot of alts are not working right now so they have been removed from this build but they will all return at some point but this mod is not finished there will be updates with bug fixes and more addition’s and balancing to only the characters i have made so base game characters will remain the same

some characters featured are not finished yet and are just clones with minimal changes but this will eventually be fixed and most of the characters be decloned at some point

this is made by just me so don’t expect updates to come out fast but if you would like to help develop this mod the my discord is: Clevername22726

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I’m having trouble figuring out how to patch it.

Use xdelta patcher

you wrote three paragraphs but couldn’t include instructions on how to install lol. Nice

Last edited 8 months ago by D12

Use xdelta patcher

you wrote an entire comment instead of typing “xdelta patcher instructions” in your search bar

wow this is cool love it!

Would’ve loved this if it didn’t mess with jump inputs

i always get a network error trying to download this, does anyone have a google drive link?

If it doesn’t work increase your emulated ram from 24mb to 30mb

Last edited 6 months ago by Clevername22726

Hey, it turns out that i tried the game but i couldn’t, because as soon i open the game, the game it crashed

You can increase the emulated ram in dolphins settings to 30mb that should fix it but I will have issues like that fixed in the future

In config and then go to advanced

[…] Find the original mod where this character originated from here […]

Is there a way to make it not disable tap jump?