Melee HD texture pack with Smash 2 CSS and stocks

This texture pack includes:

  • Smash 2 themed CSS and stocks,
    made by Spigel, AlGeorgeRomo, KTH and Moe with credit to the Cosmetic Standardization Project, edited for Melee by me (including new stock icons for Fox and a fix to Ice Climbers’ third skin’s render and stocks);
  • other assets to upscale every texture in the game with a single pack,
    from UnclePunch, Forrest and Karmo, in dedicated folders.

If you play Project Plus you should recognize these poses!

There are two versions of this texture pack: one is for Melee with standard proportions, while the other is specifically optimized to work with the Widescreen 16:9 gecko code made by Dan Salvato, mirrorbender, Achilles1515 and UnclePunch.
Using the wrong pack will make CSS and stocks look odd; you can recognize the pack for each mode with the names of the Drive folders.

Last update: 7 May 2021


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would this pack work on console as well, or does it only work with slippi online?