Custom Stages Overhaul

This adds 14 custom stages, 6 Smash 64 stages that are included in the Akaneia Build and 1 new custom stage made by me.

works with slippi – untested on console
The main goal of this pack is to visualy overhaul these custom stages and make them work as package through eliminating blastzone size overlaps.
A lot of hours and care has been put into every single stage.
This Pack does not alter or change any vanilla or akaneia content, all changes are limited to the custom stages this pack adds.
This pack aims to add to the legal stages without changing the meta, none of the Stages have a bigger blastzone than dreamland or a smaller one than yoshis also there is a small margin around battlefields size.
A size chart for the competitive stages is included in the zip.

General Changes:

  • Restores Stage and Background Animations
  • Fixes Textures and Texture Seams
  • Adjusted Cameras to use Vanilla Values
  • Fixed out of place Character Shadows
  • Fixed Stage Materials (footsteps)
  • Adjusted Blastzone/Camera Boundary size
  • Fixed P1-P4 Spawns and Respawns
  • Custom SSS pictures
  • Fixed Item Spawns (not all stage have items spawn at this point, those that have them have been fixed)

    7 Stages do not yet support items: Smashville, Kongo Falls, Kongo 64, Metal Cavern, Zebes Lab, Suzaku Castle, Treasure Hunt)

A slightly more in-depth list of changes for each stage is included in the zip.

Also included are some Gecko Codes to enable Items in Slippi direct connect.

Patching is done with xDelta Patcher just drag and drop you vanilla ISO onto the .bat file. Full instructions are included, credits to UnclePunch.

There are three versions of this pack:

The Download link at the bottom links to the Akaneia v0.82 + Animelee + CSO Build

Work still in Progress:
Restore Item Spawns to all Stages
Add one more legal and one more casual stage
Include overhauled legal stage skins


Vacinity Primal: Animelee
Neek: altered animelee skins
Barry Barrows: tought me how to animate things among some other things
Raoul & Syrox: Custom stages (Wario Ware, Kongo 64, Kongo Falls)
Riot!: Icicle Smashville
Pigs: Mementos
DTRR: Custom Stages (Mementos)
Achilles1515: Stage Expansion Stages
Cjag: Custom Stages (Smashville, Treasure Hunt)
Milun: Custom Stages (Small Yoshis)
Zankyou: Custom Stages (Metal Cavern M, Suzaku Castle)
SD Remix Team: Custom stages (Small Yoshi 64, Smashside (Fourside))
Team Akaneia
M-Ex Team

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