Wario Race Overhauled

Overhauled Version of the Wario Race Stage by Raoul Duke & Syrox

works with slippi – works on console


  • Restored all animations originaly found in the race to the finish stage
  • Restored Platform Textures
  • Removed the slanted ledges to be 1:1 with the Original Wario Ware stage
  • Adjusted Background elements positions and scaling
  • Slightly adjusted blastzone size
  • Comes with SSS picture

This Stage can be imported over Yoshis Island 64 using DAT TExture Wizard and be played with anyone that also has it. Also included is a M-Ex Import .zip to import it as additional Stage using M-Ex Tool.

Enjoy the Stage? Theres more where this came from!
This Stage was made as part of the Custom Stages Overhaul Pack, featuring 15 more overhauled custom Stages:
Custom Stages Overhaul v2


Raoul Duke

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yes this was mb, thought I can delete the old upload.