Return to Dreamland – Night 4.07++ FIXED DESYNCS

Updated: Should no longer desync when playing unranked


By request, Return to Dreamland – Night Version with fixed Shadows, exported from 20XX 4.07++

This Version has different lighting and textures compared to the 20XX 5.0 Version

No work or changes done by myself, all credit goes to the original creators:
Theytah – Creator
Zankyou – imported by Zankyou

20XX credit:

Achilles ~ For creating this project, of course!​
Punkline ~ For many codes, and help in reverse engineering game processes​
UnclePunch ~ Also for many codes, and helping with ASM related questions​
Ripple ~ For SD Remix v5.0​
tauKhan ~ For the DI Draw memory allocation bugfix, and help with the HFLR code​
Ploaj ~ For the audio codec, MeleeMedia​
The Melee Workshop community ~ For character costumes, stages, and more!​
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anyway to get a daytime version of this? I like the dreamland update but the lighting makes it hard to see some characters i feel

i like the stage but it causes online games to desync everytime….

yeah im getting that issue

me too