A Link To The Past (Red Mail)

first and foremost, to make this mod easier and faster for myself to make, i used a lot of assests from @PyroPunk’s “A (Young) Link to the Past” mod, for things like exact colors and overall reference. good job on that mod.

but anyway, as almost any of us can tell, this is the red tunic from A Link To The Past. that game has never been “properly” remade and the sprites dont have much to go off of so i had to use official art of the game, as well other references like ALBW Link and, as mentioned, PyroPunk’s Young Link version of this mod (and his is a mod pack, it features all 3 tunics: green, red and blue.)

so now i have made mods for Link’s red, black, and blue alts. if anyone has any ideas on mods i could do for him (especially his green and white alts since i havent done those yet), please tell me, as making these mods is honestly pretty fun.


in “spirit” of alttp Link, i removed things like the top belt thing, as well as his sheathe. however if you want to reactivate the sheathe or whatever, just open DAT Wizard and then:

file -> Open Disc (open your melee iso that you’re going to mod) -> Characters -> press the plus next to Link’s folder -> press once on Link’s red costume and then press “Browse Textures” on the right -> and then on BOTH sheathe textures (the top of it as well), look above the bigger image of it on the right, press model -> uncheck “Disable Polygon (Display List) Rendering”


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mod made by: Serotonin / MessApathy

mess#5376 on discord

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