Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Welcome to SSBM Textures!

Thank you for reading the community guidelines. We don’t have a lot of rules here, just a few quick guidelines. As long as you follow the rules listed below, your posts will be approved automatically. However, if any of these rules are violated, your posts / comments will require manual approve or will be listed as spam and automatically rejected.

If you have broken one of these rules, or if you were wrongfully banned, you can always submit an appeal via the Contact Us page.  For a bit of context, there is only one person reviewing all of the comments / posts for violations, so mistakes can happen. However, you should also be aware that it is not difficult for me to review your post history, so be honest.

Without further delay, the community guidelines are as follows:

  1. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or otherwise prejudice behavior or posts; Making any comments of the sort will result in an automatic ban.
  2. Do not include any software or files that could be considered harmful to users’ computers; We have a built-in filter for these sorts of things, but any attempts to bypass this filter will result in an automatic ban from posting and commenting.
  3. No bullying or harassment; This is a common sense rule but it also includes overly negative comments on people’s post. People put a lot of effort into these uploads and some of our users are still learning. Be constructive in your criticism. If you’re not sure if what you’re about to post is bullying or harassment, ask yourself “am I being a dick?”
  4. Censor any content that is NSFW (not safe for work); Beyond the fact that kids play this game, we want people to be able to browse this site wherever they are. NSFW posts are allowed, but the featured image must be censor and accurately labeled so anyone browsing the site knows that the mod / mod page is NSFW.
  5. No promoting your work on other modders uploads; We fully endorse promoting your work, and while the site does not have a built in function to charge for your mods, we allow users to include promotions to paid commotions or other sites where their mods are behind a paywall. Modding can be a lot of work and we want to support people who choose to charge for it.
  6. Cite your sources and credit appropriately; If you reuse assets from another mod, or if you create a mudpack that utilizes other modders work, ask for permission and credit appropriately. Violations may result in your posts requiring manual review and approval, or a full ban if it’s repeated behavior. Users can report violations via the Contact Us page.

At the end of the day, whether a post is approved or reject is at the discretion of SSBM Textures, but if you follow these guidelines and generally post in good faith, your posts will be approved without issue.

Did I miss something? Let me know via the Contact Us page!