Tutorial Directory

Tutorial Directory

Welcome to the ssbmtextures tutorial directory. Overtime, we are going to be adding a variety of tutorials for users that are new to modding Melee iso’s. If you have a suggestion for a tutorial, or want to help us write a tutorial, shoot us a message via the Contact Us page!

In the meantime, here is a comprehensive SmashBoards thread with extremely helpful links to a variety of tutorials and resources.

DAT Texture Wizard:

> Importing DAT Files

> Removing Parts of a Model

Hex Editors:

> Changing Color Effects (by Lanceinthepants | Redirects to Smashboards)


> Creating Custom Shines (by CaptainGanon | Redirects to Smashboards)

> Customizing the CSS Background (by CaptainGanon | Redirects to Smashboards)

Melee Quick Mod:

> Importing Mods with MeleeQuickMod (by Alex Berliner | Redirects to Github)