Absa Zelda – ANIMELEE

Absa, the storm architect from Rivals of Aether, joins Animelee as a Zelda costume!

Included with the download:

  • Files for all 5 of Zelda’s alternative costumes, taken directly from Absa’s sprites for her costumes.
  • Stock Icons for each skin.

This mod is meant to be paired with my own Ranno Sheik skin, which you can find here, which is why no CSPs are provided.

Due to Animelee’s simpler custom costume process, it should be fairly simple to convert any of the skins supplied to whichever slot you choose, just in case you only want to use one/some of what I proved. Just download the textures from whichever skin using DAT Texture Wizard, and inject them into whatever costume you want to replace!

Download Animelee here (and shoutouts to the devs for making such an awesome texture pack): https://www.animelee.xyz

Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @CodekRoA for more Rivals of Aether related content!

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[…] This mod is meant to be paired with my own Absa Zelda skin, which you can find here. […]