Animelee | Free Melee Peach

Overthrow the tyrants in sleek Animelee style!

Based on this amazing artwork by @Sworderailer (as seen in thumbnail).

Versions for Peach’s neutral, green, blue and white color slots.
Includes CSS portrait (regular or Animelee style) and stock icon.
Fully Slippi/netplay compatible (no desyncs, aesthetic changes only)

For more skins and updates follow me on Twitter:  @spamitburns
Check out the original skin here: Free Melee Peach


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I would love to use these eyes on other skins. Is there a possibility for the eyes to made into individual files to import into DATTextureWiz?

Ive had the original as my main peach skin since its release. This is awesome! The turnip belt is by far the best update to the skin. awesome attention to detail

I love this skin! One quirk I noticed:

If I start a match with both Sheik and this costume on the Animelee Yoshi’s Story stage, and immediately pause and move the camera, it will force close and crash Dolphin. I have no idea why. This also happens on Animelee Pokemon Stadium. Possibly other stages as well. I wonder what the cause is?

probably a bug i think, maybe the og creator will fix this