Blackout Falco (v2)

All-Black skin for Falco based on the skin seen in 4XM.

The Zip file includes all the needed files for both replacing the green color and for adding it as a new skin in M-EX.

Comes with Stock Icon and CSP.


Version 2 Changelog (4/8/21):

  • Darkened the bottom of boot to match the rest of the boot
  • Matched the color of the inner jacket to the rest of the jacket
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Can’t get the non-mex to work. DAT texture wizard says not a valid replacement when trying to import falco’s green skin. When I try to upload the file into CCC it says “this character or color is not supported”. Any help?

Make sure when you replace the skin with green, you use the non-mex version and make sure its already unzipped

still can’t get it to work – if I save it despite the warning and open up my iso and select green falco the game just crashes

How do you make custom CSPs using the default poses with custom skins?