Blaze Restored

So on the ol melee board, the one with the amiyumi and puffy, snake, lucina, etc mods, they used a blaze the cat mod in one of their pictures, i was legit DYING to find it, and luckly, I did! i asked them and they handed me the mod link. so here yall go. it has brand new CSS CSP AND STOCK ICONS WOOH BABY!

sawnick rush

This one aint mextool compatible, but if you delete falcons white alt, i guess it sorta is?


METHOD 1: DAT TEXTURE WIZARD. find the captain falcon folder replace his white alt go to the english CSS and put in blazes menu stuff

MEXTHOD: (get it?) MEXTOOL. go to captain falcon after opening your melee ISO file, and delete white falcon, when it asks you “DO YOU WANT TO DELETE THE FILE” click yes, then import these files.

Thanks for ya support!

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