Burritopher’s Ganondorf Pack


This is the Ganon pack, I feel like green is kinda out of  place in this pack but I made it earlier on and I don’t feel like futzing with it lol 

Comes with some CSPs if you’d like them

I didn’t recolor his sword because I couldn’t be bothered you only ever see it on the win screen so if that bothers you then it’s those brown colors in the palette 

Download Animelee here: https://www.animelee.xyz

Hopefully this hits the spot for someone, and shoutouts to Kentucky Mario because social validation lol 

Comment who you want next if you wanna keep the pack game going

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hell yeah thanks gannon needed some love

I love the Lavender one and Neutral is amazing and i like the green one actually it looks fresh

lol I get it, I’m a green simp

Nice work Burritopher! Love seeing these pop up.

Thanks for the Ganon love <3