Captain Napoli – Falcon SSC Napoli Soccer Team alt

SSC Napoli Falcon & Stadium alts.

See other screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/KvXFkqZ
As shown in the pictures.
The alt comprehends: Blue Falcon alt, CSS artwork and stock icon replacement. Also contains a Pokémon Stadium alt, it just replaces the green with azure and adds, obviously, the glorious SSC Napoli Soccer Team logo. Obviously you can choose to not install it. It’s safe for Netplay.
HOW TO INSTALL (DAT Texture Wizard required):
For the CSS Artwork: go to MnSlChr.usd, Browse Textures and then right click on the blue Falcon art and then import the .png
For the stock icon: go to GmRst.usd, IfAll.usd and MnSlChr.usd and change the blue Falcon icon (if you want to just edit the icon you see during the standard matches, just edit the one in IfAll.usd)
For the Stage Selection icon: go to MnSlMap.usd and change the Pokémon Stadium icon For the rest: just go to Disc Operation -> Import Multiple Files and select them.
If you’re running into issues with the mod or want to give feedback, message me at Cherryello#4156
If interested to join the Italian Melee Discord server: https://discord.gg/52R5EVp

DownloadNote: Redirects to Hosting Site

Created by: Cherryello

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