Dr. Mario Sunglasses (Cool Doc v2)

Now Doc has a pair of sweet shades. Comes with Sunglasses for all colors including versions with and without the stethoscope/headpiece.

Net-play safe, No Mex-Tool required.

Use DAT Texture Wizard or HSDraw to replace textures if you want the sunglasses on other Dr. Mario skins. Or to simply change the color of the sunglasses (Solid colors only for the sunglasses frame, any images or even gradients will look all wonky.)

Sunglasses model is from models-resource.com. Slightly modified in blender.

UPDATE v2.1 (09/02/21)
  • Added versions of Sunshine Doc, Fire Doc, and Retro Doc without stethoscope, headpiece and sunglasses.
UPDATE v2.2 (10/12/21)
  • Added CSPs and SIs.
  • Lowered poly count of sunglasses.
  • Fixed uneven textures on face.
HOTFIX (10/21/21)
  • Fixed uneven textures on hands.
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In the screenshots you’ve got the sunshine doc skin, but with parts of the model removed, would you ever be down to post that version? Not necessarily with the sunglasses cause that’s easy to add.

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Heya BrassMonkey, I’m Ultima* and I’m working on a modpack for SSBM that uses M-EX. I would love to add these glasses to the Sunshine Doc costume featured in my Build. Would you be okay with that? Crediting will be given of course and I can also link to a Twitter if requested!

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