Evangelion, EVA Units | Marth

4 color replacements for Marth (Neutral, Red, White, Black) modelled after the EVA Units from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion in a cel-shaded style

All models are Slippi compatible! They are untested on hardware

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get in the damn robot shinji

holy fuck these are SICK, honestly the coolest thing I’ve seen on this site and melee visual mods overall, amazing work <3

These work amazing on console via Nintendont so far. Thank you so much for this!!!!! Makes Marth feel fast as hell haha. I’m sure the .usd has them, but if you could drop the CSPs individually that would be so cool for m-ex users.

Amazing work!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, only thing I noticed is that the character doesn’t show in the magnifying glass off stage, just a blank circle. Still amazing though!

any tutorials on how to use this?

I’ve been getting freezes whenever I use this model

yo the cspsss