Giga Bowser recolors that are kinda like bowser’s

this pack adds recolors for giga bowser that mimic bowser’s to some to dgree but i took giga bowsers texture file and made not just the default recolors from melee but i also made it compatiable with the akaneia build so it has the Ye & Wh skin to go with it if some one wants to make it better then thats fine by me but it took a long time just trying just to make these five recolors i only based it on the recolors as well because I don’t know what a giga bowser recolor would look like I hope you all like them.¬† My little brother helped me with the Bk & Wh skins because i didn’t know how to make black & white because dosen’t come with a way of making black & white colors for me at least

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