Kakashi (Naruto) Captain Falcon Skin

Netplay safe Captain Falcon Skin / Slippi compatible (2.3.0 +)

Replaces Green Captain Falcon (Visibility Table Index = 4)

☆ General M-Ex Installation Guide:

▶ 3d Model Source: Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 [Wii]https://www.models-resource.com/wii/narutoshippudenclashofninjarevolution3/model/4275/

▶ Tools Used
Gimp: https://www.gimp.org/
Blender: https://www.blender.org/
HSDraw: https://github.com/Ploaj/HSDLib
MexTool: https://github.com/akaneia/mexTool

▶ Email: TheSmashChamp@Gmail.com

▶ Discord M-ex (Team Akaneia): https://discord.gg/XxdFN9JnMX

▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSmashChamp

▶ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXm_Tl3lVLu_OSCyiCVjFNQ

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why is this not rock lee or guy sansei.

That’s what I’m saying!! The rock lee skin could so easily be animelee-ified but idk how. I love this one too, but kakashi is better as sheik and falcon as guy sensei.

Is there any way to replace the texture using DAT Texture Wizard? When I try to import the texture, nothing happens. I don’t get any errors or anything, but nothing changes. Apparently since the latest Slippi update, m-ex mods are no longer compatible. :/