Lethal League | Candyman

Candyman (Lethal League) | Marth


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Commissioned: @imadethis_smile

Enjoy being the enigmatic, bouncy nutjob from the beloved, high octane baseball-fighting game, Lethal League, when you gimp to your heart’s content.

Includes color variations, stock icons, and portraits.

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wow that cool. what are the chances that you can make grid as dk or nitro as capitan falcon?

This is dope

This looks amazing! can tell alotta love went into this one! Keep it up!

if only audio stuff didnt cause desyncs, adding the voice on this would have me rolling. very well made skin dude!

doesnt work for me. it wont even replace the file in DAT. I tried replacing with a different skin from an animelee pack and it worked fine so its specifically this one thats not working. not sure why

I have the same issue. The Latch skin did work.

Replacing the css icon won’t work either, maybe it has something to do with the folder name?

Renaming the folder worked!!!
The default name had a couple of dashes that I think DAT-texturewizard couldn’t handle

CSS now works too!

+Rep ur amazing dude

how do i download this

I really hope you keep making these LL skins, they fit like a glove in animelee