Link Ocarina Insignia

Replaces The Legend of Zelda series insignia with the Ocarina of Time
Includes IfAll texture and Dolphin HD Texture

For DAT Texture Wizard, go to IfAll.usd and replace IfAll.usd_0xD1E0_0

For Slippi HD Texture loading, go to F:FM-Slippi/User/Load/Textures/GALE01/Series Symbols/Mario and replace sd_tex1_80x64_cb193cf9cd5409a2_0 AND tex1_80x64_cb193cf9cd5409a2_0
(Make sure Load Custom Textures & Prefetch Custom Textures is turned on in Dolphin)

For mexTool, go to Menus –> Emblems and add a new emblem (IfAll.usd_0xD1E0_0 works the best) (Default emblems are 1-15). Then, go to Fighters –> Link –> General and change Link’s Emblem ID to the new Emblem # you just added. (You may also add this for the other characters too, it’s not restricted to just Link)

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