Luiginstein – Frankenstein Luigi

Happy Halloween!

Doc Mario got into some mad science and created Luiginstein!

Texture Pack are as listed below and in the files:

  • Neutral – Luiginstein w/ Mustache
  • Aqua –  Luiginstein w/ NO Mustache
  • Pink – Luiginstein w/ Torn Coat
  • White – Luiginstein w/ Karloff Inspired (black & white) from the Frankenstein Movie

Each skin has a Alt with no mustache (why not)

Includes some CSPs (for the ones listed above)(see pics)

This is based off the original Luigi from SSBM. Model not touched, only transparencies.

Yeah I know, Its not perfect its a fun skin Halloween but I had a blast making this along with the short film.

(link below)

I’m still learning more about Melee modding and have more ideas to come.

With that said, I plan to just do more free stuff, as I keep learning but I will start releasing my skins early on Patreon and then on to ssbm-textures! 

Check it out and the Luiginstein release video:

Enjoy the Luiginstein, Melee and Happy Halloween!

  • Lippi
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looks good!