(outdated) Majora’s Mask Young Link Variety Pack

This is out dated go check out my way better version of all of this including model imports https://ssbmtextures.com/characters/young-link/majoras-mask-young-link-2/

Are you like me and wish Young Link was based off of Majora’s Mask?

Well I’ve been waiting for someone to make a mod for this for a long time so i just did it myself!

These textures are made so you can mix and match on any costume for a variety of skins.

Mod includes MM hookshot, Chateau Romani Bottle, Hero’s Shield, Gilded Sword, Different sword trails, CSPs that match original melees style including ones based off of the Hero’s Shield and spamitburns Mirror Shield + Razor sword mod

The Desaturated sword trail I made cause I didn’t like default melees cyan and also it works better for both default sword and the Gilded sword if you want to have a mix of both. the Gilded sword trail is if you only plan on using that texture and like it better.


-Hero’s Shield texture was from a really old mod
called “Brawl Style Young Link” which I then slightly edited
the colors and so it can be put on default style young link.
I am not aware of who made it

-Mirror Shield + Razor Sword is made by spamitburns.
I made my own CSP using theirs which is heavily edited to match better with default
melees CSPs (IMO). I also included recolors of the CSPs even though as far as
I’m aware no recolors exist for that mod just nice that they exist lol

-CSPs/Hookshot/Bottle/Gilded Sword/Hero’s Shield edit by me (Gay Lord Erika)

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Is there a way you can make this with the keatons mask

Looks great 🙂