Mang0 Tattoo Fox

                                     Mang0’s Tattoos Fox

The Shine in one of the Photos is a different mod.

If someone makes a Falco model with a scarf on one of the arms I’ll make another Mang0 Tattoo Mod.

The shirt has the 4leafMang0 sign on it. The Back had Mang0’s chest Tattoo(Due to the way the game makes the back texture, you can only have half a picture on the back).


If you are going to make another skin through mex-T use PlFxMg.dat, but if its through the DatTextureWizard use PlFxOr.dat.  If you what the CSS without mex-T Open DTW

OpenISO>Go to Menus/CSS>Look for CSS (English){on the right}> Then find the Orange CSS portrait and stock icon replace it.

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Pretty dope, never noticed the tattoo but you can have asymmetrical jacket insignias using Primals fox model too