Minty Pink Yoshi – Edited Animelee Skin

EDITED 3/24/2022 – I have now included a version of the skin for each color, so you can choose which color you would like to replace! It was previously just a replacement for Yellow Yoshi. Same exact skin.

Full credit to Animelee for the base skin, I just edited a few things. Recolored multiple things – skin colors changed to a more minty green and a light pink, saddle changed to blue, and boot bottoms changed to black. I also added the flowers (from Yoshi’s Island) inside the spots when yoshi shields and uses side b. This is my First skin/recolor, so let me know if you have any feedback!

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This is super cool skin! I love the egg texture!

can you make versions that replace other skins? I really like yellow yoshi so im hesitant to use this right now.