Mockeo’s Fox

Goes over PlFxNr.dat, Fox’s neutral color.

This was mainly done to experiment with digitally painting textures for 3D models, and taking Fox’s visuals into a slightly different direction while staying true to his Melee design.

Slippi/Netplay safe as far as I have tested.

Thank you to The Melee Workshop Discord for being very kind and helpful in the making of this skin, and making it known to me I can put an outline on the skin in the first place.

Please check my website and socials if you’re interested in my work, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Mockeo’s Neocities Site

p.s…. maybe i’ll do a similar thing for other characters… we’ll see.


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PLEASE do this for every character(or at least falco cuz he’s my main 🙂 this looks a thousand times better than animelee please

this looks amazing

This is incredible. You simply must do more <3