Panda Jacket Fox

Congrats to iBDW for taking Summit 12!

Made a quick Fox skin based on the Panda Global jacket he was wearing

Model replaces Green Fox | Available in Regular and Animelee Style

Netplay safe / Slippi compatible (2.3.0 +) | No changes to hitbox/etc. | #freemelee

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Long live SSBM 2022 is going to go big!

this looks amazing

How were able to add the Panda logo graphic to the Animelee version? took a look at it in DTW but couldn’t understand how it works.

Not sure why but the Animelee version just crashes all 3 versions I tried, idk if its on my end but I really like this skin

The filename is too long, if its too long it crashes the game so just shorten it and it should be fine

uh oh