Peach Turnip Insignia

Replaces the Mario series insignia with Peach’s turnip
Includes IfAll texture and Dolphin HD Texture

For DAT Texture Wizard, go to IfAll.usd and replace IfAll.usd_0x8BE0_0

For Slippi HD Texture loading, go to F:FM-Slippi/User/Load/Textures/GALE01/Series Symbols/Mario and replace sd_tex1_80x64_96828dbc2c468b36_0 AND tex1_80x64_96828dbc2c468b36_0
(Make sure Load Custom Textures & Prefetch Custom Textures is turned on in Dolphin)
*This order is based on an older texture pack, but will still work if you replace the file for the series symbol

For mexTool, go to Menus –> Emblems and add a new emblem (IfAll.usd_0x8BE0_0 works the best) (Default emblems are 1-15). Then, go to Fighters –> Peach –> General and change Peach’s Emblem ID to the new Emblem # you just added

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this is cute

Is there away for this to just change peachs emblem or is it for all of them

Last edited 1 year ago by Dren Junkie