Pikachu Red Unmirrored Hat Template

Placeholder Texture for the White Front Area of Pikachus Hat to place any Logo, Image, etc. that isnt Mirrored in. (Original Texture was only the Half of the Front Part, so it would Mirror the other Half.)

Goes over the 0x172A0_14 Texture in the PlPkRe.dat File.

In the .zip File is also the Texture with the Fatal Fury Logo as a Comparison for where and how to place your Logo of Choice, as too far up or too low can make the Logo look Cut off.

The Logo you want to place in also needs to be mirrored vertically, or it will be upside down ingame.

Credits to DRGN for creating the original unmirrored Pikachu hat mod. His original post can be found here; and his Ash Ketchum hat Piklachu can be found here.

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Nice one for editing this Moderators, i actually didnt know where the original came from, so i just took the file from the Ash Ketchum Hat and cleaned it. 🙂