P O W E R     S U I T     S A M U S

A model replacement for Samus that uses her power suit trophy model.

Comes with the base skin and 4 recolors:

  • Gold (Default textures from the melee trophy)
  • Gravity (Based on the gravity suit from zero mission)
  • Fusion Power (Based on the starting suit in fusion)
  • Fusion Varia (sorry)
  • Phazon (Based on phazon suit from prime 1)

Comes with CSPs and Stock Icons

Comes with files to use for replacing skins (vanilla) or adding skins (m-ex)

Works on Slippi

Works on Wii

Credit to Mimolette_Mae1087 from The Models Resource for putting the model into a T-pose.

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really nice, good work 😀