Psylocke Sheik

Who’s a ninja, a mutant, and a fan of butterflies? Its Psylocke!

Made to go in tandem with my other mod Storm Zelda, that I uploaded without an account. Haha oops. 

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Sick, we almost have MSP in melee lol.

Heya ThatOneDude, I’m Ultima* and I’m working on a modpack for Super Smash Bros. Melee using M-EX and I would to add this and your Storm Zelda skin to the Build. Are you okay with me doing so? Proper crediting will be given and I can even link to your page here or a Twitter if wanted!

Awesome! Thank you so much! Sorry for the even later reply haha.
The costumes may have to be pushed to a future update for the project though, due to plan changes. But eventually I would love these in the Build!

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