Raad’s Full Spectrum Animelee Fox AUTUMN Booster Pack (including CSP & Stock Icons)

Are you like me and want simplified, vibrant, and colorful Fox reskins?

This Autumn booster pack contains…

  • 4 recolored Animelee Fox skins, including the Caramel, Crimson, Latte, and Pumpkin;
  • 4 matching recolored Animelee Character Selection Portraits (CSPs); and
  • 4 matching recolored SSBU Stock Icons (using the updated assets originally created by Birran).

Inside the file, each color, CSP, and stock icon are associated and labeled with a recolor of Neutral, Green, Lavender, & Orange; however, through renaming the files to the appropriate corresponding codes / filenames, any color can be used in any skin slot.

The .zip file also contains the recolored skin palette if you prefer to swap out the color file directly inside of DAT Texture Wizard instead of replacing the .dat file.

Other simplified Fox packs can be found here:

16-Skin Full Spectrum Megapack: https://ssbmtextures.com/characters/raads-16-skin-full-spectrum-animelee-fox-megapack/

Winter Booster Pack: https://ssbmtextures.com/characters/raads-full-spectrum-animelee-fox-winter-booster-pack-including-csp-stock-icons/ 

Spring Booster Pack: https://ssbmtextures.com/characters/raads-full-spectrum-animelee-fox-spring-booster-pack-including-csp-stock-icons/

Have a color you’re burning to have as your Fox jacket? Leave a RGB / Hex code as a comment and it may be included in a future booster pack!

Thank you to the Animelee team and Birran for providng original assets for recoloring. Hope you enjoy, Raad

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