Royal Guard Link

after more people liked my Mafia Link mod than i thought, i got a boost of confidence to make something else.

as much as i don’t like ultimate, i do care about how many of his alts have been nerfed, i only really like 1 and its the Royal Guards Tunic. That alt is pretty cool and the color scheme of that makes it look very fashionable in my opinion.

anyone wanting to see what the Royal Guard Uniform looks like, here are pictures:

heres what it looks like in smash –

heres what it looks like in botw –

i hope you all like it. I also really wanted to make a mod for the red alt based on the magic armor from Twilight Princess:

however i barely have experience with modding, adapting, and photoshop so its been a task. the many details in the armor are also stumping me but ill keep trying. if anyone else wants to give it a go, go ahead and make the mod. šŸ™‚

if anyone wants me to make a mod for Link based on a certain character/costume, tell me and i will try my best.

lastly, if anyone wants to make a modpack including my mod(s), go ahead. all i ask is if you are crediting other mods and their creators, please credit me as well.

support me if you want:

message me if you want at mess#5376

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