Scorp’s Power-Up Pack 2

This is another texture pack that will replace all of Mario’s costumes. This includes:

Neutral – Sponge (Vinesauce)

Blue – Geno (Super Mario RPG)

Yellow – Stanley the Bugman (Donkey Kong 3)

Green – 4P Color (Mario Golf 64)

Black – Captain Syrup (Wario Land)

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Can we please get that Ornage recolor for Luigi? Maybe for the Neutral or Pink textures…

Also it’s really hard to tell which is which in your description for all the people that don’t know these characters. For example I really dig the orange texture, but can’t tell which character that is, or which texture it replaces…

let’s get one for bowser to, ya see!

I want your best alts! I’m all about style!