Slippy Toad (Netplay Safe)

Now you case use Slippy on Slippi!

This amazing model was created by Bizzozeron! He originally used the model to create a custom character, changing the size and the location of the bones, unfortunately making the skin unsafe for netplay.

After I talked to him on private, he gave me the original files and I could edit the model to finally make this amazing skin netplay safe. The rigging is not perfect, but I did my best to make this as faithful to the original model I could, and not turn this into a Fox with a Slippy head.

Thanks Bizz for the arquives and permission to edit the model, and Barry for the help!

Includes a vesion for every Fox color alt and a custom CSP.

Fully Slippi/netplay compatible (no desyncs, aesthetic changes only)

Not console tested.

Update: His eye animations now work properly

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very nice