The Old Mango – Falco

I miss the old Mango… so I made an old Mango skin!

Based on Mango’s iconic Evo 2014 fit;

  • The hoodie
  • The C9 shirt
  • The beanie

Replaces Falco’s blue alt. Includes CSS portrait and stock icon.

Fully slippi/netplay compatible (no changes to hitboxes, just the model).

Made a showcase you can see here:

Thanks to Vancity Primal for letting me use his Homie Falco as a base for this.

Also thanks to Neek, Scroll and RedX for giving me advice during the creation of this skin.

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🔥 🔥

I cant import it I click import click on the .dat file and nothing happens not even a “ready to save” message

same here


Bro this is broken

will this ever be fixed?