Unmirrored Mario Cape

Same thing as Doc’s cape, but this one will rebuild your iso, unlike Doc’s. I’m not sure why.

If, for some reason, you want to remove my lovely Skill Cape texture for something else like a flag or your own image: browse textures under Mario’s NTSC data & shared textures, right click the cape texture and import your own 64×64 image. Have  fun 🙂

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Nice job! I tried to tackle this one before but couldn’t work it out

how is yours not blurry? whenever i try and modify mario’s cape with an image that complex it always comes out blurry cause there are only so many pixels on his cape

I opened up PlMr in DAT texture wizard but the only file is his fireball, there doesn’t seem to be a cape texture. When I try and import a png as PlMr.dat_01718_14 it says stand alone files are not allowed. Any advice?

how do i replace the texture?