Venonat (Pokémon) Jigglypuff Animelee Skin

Netplay safe Jigglypuff Skin / Slippi compatible (2.3.0 +)

Replaces Blue Jigglypuff (Visibility Table Index = 2)

☆ General M-Ex Installation Guide:

★ Additional Installation Procedure specific to this mod:
You MUST change the Model Symbol of this character in mextool to “PlyPurin5KBu_Share_joint” or game will crash on load.

⚠ Warning, adding (not replacing) more than one puff costume seems to lead to errors

▶ 3d Model Source: Pokémon X/Y [3DS]

▶ Tools Used

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▶ Discord M-ex (Team Akaneia):

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If I replace blue puff I cant load this skin on animelee, dunno why