Waddle Doo, an aerial-focused fighter I’ve been making is finally ready for its first public version! I do not yet consider it complete, since it is lacking a custom singleplayer ending movie and some balancing changes that I may need to make.

This is a clone of Jigglypuff, and as such retains a lot of moves that Puff has. Notably, none of the tilts have been replaced, just slightly modified. Most smash attacks have been adjusted more significantly to play into the “aerial-focused” aspects of the character. A new Up and Neutral Special have been added so you can more effectively recover! Many aerials have been redone entirely.

Up Smash: Made faster, and can be interrupted sooner. Damage and knockback adjusted.

Down Smash: Now sends the player upwards instead of away to more easily combo into aerials.

F-Smash: Weakened a fair amount. Does a set amount of knockback with low increase and low damage.

Neutral-B: Entirely replaced. The new Neutral-B is up for potential change, but its current iteration sends you backwards, knocking enemies hit upwards. There are two hitboxes: the one in front of you is low-damage but higher-knockback, and the one behind you is high damage but low knockback. You can hold down on the stick to drop out of this attack at any point, reducing landing lag and allowing you to more quickly combo into other moves.

Side-B: Now launches players in the opposite direction they are hit. This was a weird change, and one I may reverse, but I felt that this would make for a move that is harder to predict than the original side-special. Damage was adjusted.

Up-B: Recovery skill. Deals damage as you go up. Unlike Roy’s special, this attack does not have a high-knockback first hit.

Down-B: Rest hitbox was increased in size and damage was adjusted. The move now only works on aerial enemies. The point is to get your enemies in the air; this was an interesting experiment, and I hope you like playing with this change.

N-Air: Unchanged.

B-Air: Unchanged.

F-Air: Completely redone. Now has hitboxes above, behind, and below the fighter.

D-Air: Completely redone. Now is a meteor spike, and unlike the original d-air, this one can hit airborne enemies!

U-Air: Completely redone. Similar effect to the original sending enemies up.

Throws have not been adjusted.

How to install: Use mextool to import the zip file.

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