anchor’s patch 2.0

A very unnecessary update to a patch I released January 3rd. I’ve wanted to release this for quite a while, but was unsatisfied with the quality of several aspects. I added more stuff:

  • All Melee stages (except Final Destination, which has two) have four music tracks for variety purposes;
  • Not-so-new updates on Castle Siege and Underground;
  • Ability to play both background variants of Battlefield under the same stage slot thanks to the Dynamic Alternate Stage loader! 
  • … and that’s pretty much it. Nothing else.
  • Credit to UnclePunch for the Dynamic Alternate Stages, Fruit_Sauce for the Dark Link CSP, the Smash 2 Team for assets used for Castle Siege and Underground (the collision on the former is by cjag, and the latter being by TDRR), Gencoil for the Metroid II main theme remix and XTPRoductions for the Octopus remix. And f course Akaneia Team for Akaneia Build and m-ex Tool. Everything else is from official sources.
  • Link:
  • As with most Melee mods use an xdelta patcher.
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