Animelee Shields HD

To go along with Animelee Shields, my HD version can work over vanilla or the existing SSBMTextures release.

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Last edited 1 month ago by shrobe

This seems to be only the PNG files. Can you upload a version with the .dat file? Thanks!

for anyone asking:

It replaces the shield in dat texture wizard. Go to the top of the disc file tree tab and look for -character graphical effects- (Ef_Data.dat). Open the drop down menu and go to common to the cast (EfcoData.dat) browser textures. Scroll very close to the bottom until you find a 128×128 pixel image of a shield with the code name 0x104320 and replace it by right clicking it and selecting import textures.

im just getting ‘After conversion, the data for “tex1_128x128_22dd0053d3a18037_3.png” was too large to replace the texture at 0x104320. The cause could be the image type (which may be specified in the file name; e.g. the “_3” in “MnSlChr.dat_0x51c0_3”), or that the image has the wrong dimensions.’

I’m getting this very same error. OP can you please fix? this is a dope shield and I don’t know how I can go on living life without using it in my melee iso