Not Melee

You thought this was Melee? It may look like Melee and play like Melee but it’s different! Basically this is just Melee with character modifications to change the skill gap between both particular tiers and characters altogether. Not every character has been changed but for the most part each character has minor differences to their vanilla selves.


I don’t know the direction in which I want to take this, being either “everyone get’s creative patches similar to the SD remix” or “i say screw it and everyone becomes god tier”. Feel free to let me know your thoughts about the game! (the patch notes are in the zip file provided with the xdelta)

Want to contact me? My discord is Brownie#2611!

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hi im just a no body but im just gonna say this i love what you got going here but the nerfs is where you lose me everything is so fun until the nerfs. dont try to play god make everyone happy by buffing low tiers in fun ways and maybe add a jank thing for the existing top tiers trust me i hate marth tipper as well but i would love it if you just focused on buffs and no nerfs

Honestly unless you want the mod to be played competitively just try to make the characters as fun as possible. Nerfs are not fun buffs are fun

I love Melee too much! I would hate for it to be tampered! >:( Too jealous

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