Roy with “Fixed Hitboxes”

Used HSDraw to make Roy’s Hitboxes match up with Marth’s. I prioritized Roy’s HBs starting at the same pose as Marth’s. Then I made sure Roy’s HBs at least lasted as long as Marth’s. If Roy’s HBs were longer then Marth’s I left the length unchanged.

‘Move’ New Frame Data (Original Frame Data)

‘Forward Tilt’ Active Frames 8-12 (9-13)
‘Up Tilt’ Active Frames 7-14 (7-13)
‘Dash Attack’ Active Frames 14-17 (12-15)
‘Forward Smash’ Active Frames 12-15 (12-14)
‘Neutral Air’ Active Frames 7-24 (7-20)
‘Forward Air’ Active Frames 5-8 (5-7)
‘Back Air’ Active Frames 8-11 (8-10)

Strangely I remember seeing Roy’s neutral-b wiff during Zain’s DontTestMe run. But upon viewing the frame data, the hitboxes lined up with Marth’s just fine.

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