Special Sauce EX

Revamp my mod with Animelee skins and stages. Adds a lot of animelee skins for characters and for all the competitive stages. if the character didn’t have any animelee skins I tried to just put some extra skins for them and will update it when animelee of that character comes out!

Hello, I have been working on this mod for about a month or so. This mod is chaotic/fun removing all aerial landing lag to one frame. a lot of the characters being viable and movement speed for about the whole cast has been increased. all characters I edited all besides 3 characters I ported from Silly Melee those characters would be Yoshi, Samus, Mr. Game & Watch as I didn’t really know how to make them better in a way I would like. I have updated it a few times but I finally feel it can be send out to more people if they wish to have fun with melee. melee is a great game even normal melee for me but i also just wanted an entrance way for people/my friends that haven’t or rarely play melee just to have fun and mess around. This is based of the Akaneia version of melee

New Stages

New Skins

∞Download Ξ

Seems to only work on Slippi Dolphin, make sure to use Direct play. Make sure you turn off “Use Panic Handlers”

I have a discord server just incase anyone wants to play the mod Discord

I also have the Wasteland stage from beyond melee and if they want me to remove it I will, that being said NONE of the stages and skins are made by me

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I tried dolphin & nintendont it doesn’t work for either of those

I did all that yet it still won’t work