Trainer Legendary Pokémon Characters

I have designed a very particular and rare mod in this game.

Note: This mod only works for version 1.02 of the game!

This strange and particular mod that I designed makes your character either: KirbyMr. Game & WatchPichuMewtwo, etc. In some movements on these mentioned characters one of theirs moves make summon a Legendary Pokémon just by doing it! Legendary Pokémon are rare Pokémon that only appear very rarely since their power is unique.

Clearly in this mod it only counts only the Legendary Birds (Atte: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia and Ho-Oh), since by importing a Legendary Beasts (Atte: Raikou, Entei and Suicune), the game simply freeze or crash as those three pokémon doesn’t even have an air support, which means it can cause crashes or bugs in the game.

However, there are also the two remaining Pokémon whose are Mythical Pokémon: Mew and Celebi, these two Pokémon are extremely rare that usually only appear only one in a Pokeball in each game of Super Smash Bros. Melee, that is why these two are considered Mythical Pokémon because of how very rare they are.

Well, speaking of the topic of Legendary Pokémon…

You will see these phenomena in a very large size compared to your character. Why did I do it like this? It’s because I like supernaturals, Macro Pokémon (But only 7 to 14 percent)…


Here the instructions are as follows:

As I told you this mod only works for version 1.02 of the game. (Doesn’t work in 1.00, 1.01 and PAL)

Put this following code in your gecko codes list or add it in a program called Melee Code Manager to enable the code in your Vanilla/ISO Melee 1.02.

Custom Subaction Event – Projectile/Item Spawn (SSBM 1.02) [Achilles]

C207168C 00000031

80A40008 88A50001

2C0500FF 40820170

7C0802A6 90010004

3821FF80 93E1006C

DBC10070 DBE10078

80A40008 90A10068

38C50010 90C40008

7C250B78 38A5FFFC

38C00000 38E00000

94C50004 38E70004

2C070064 40A2FFF4

90610008 9061000C

8063002C 8083002C

90810040 80A10068

88850002 548407FF

41820010 80831974

2C040000 408200DC

88850003 90810010

A0850004 B0810018

C3C10018 C3E3002C

FFDF07B2 C3E300B0


D3C10028 A0850006

B0810018 C3C10018


D3C10020 D3C1002C

A0850008 B0810018

C3C10018 C3E3002C

FFDF07B2 D3C10034

A085000A B0810018

C3C10018 D3C10038

3C608026 60638B18

7C6803A6 7C230B78

38630008 4E800021

8063002C 80810068

A0A4000C B0A10018

80A10018 90A30038

88A40002 54A507FF

41820020 3CA08009

60A548A8 7CA803A6

80830004 80630518

4E800021 48000014

A0A4000E B0A10018

80A10018 90A30D44

83E1006C CBC10070

CBE10078 38210080

80010004 7C0803A6

4E800020 7C0802A6

60000000 00000000

Then activate it in your Gecko code list or in the Melee Code Manager by clicking on it and hitting the “Save” option in your Vanilla/Melee ISO.

Now open the GCR (GCRebuilder), once the program is open you will have to do these steps:

 In the “Image” option just select “open”, search your ROM (ISO File Format) and open it, once you open the ISO of your game you will have to “Import” the mods that you downloaded, for that you give the groups of the files to your right and you give “right click” in your mouse and you get some options, one of the options is Export and Import, what you have to do is “Import”, now once you you gave Import look for the file/Mod that you have downloaded for this game and you give it “accept/open” and then this program will respond “Done” means that now you already have the mod selected and then for it to be installed you just have to give the option “saves changes” which is below/left and once you gave it that option you already have it installed.

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This is a really unique mod! I like it!