Blue Space CSS Akaneia

Hello, first of all I want to clarify that I am NOT the creator of this textures, the credits go to Nyx the Shield. I only replaced the background of the akaneia css and the hand model since I couldn’t get the rest done because it made the game crash. I’m uploading this hoping the original creator or someone with more experience on this will make a better version of this including all the aspects of the original version. If the original author wants me to take down this I will do it. PD: this should also be compatible with the m-ex tool. In order for the animation to play correctly, the following code must be added to your ISO: $Disable Hardcoded CSS BG Anim [UnclePunch] 04263384 48000010. It can be added with the m-ex tool so dolphin won’t overload from gecko codes lol.

Edit: I think I’ll have to reupload this because some of the css portraits are images that are not supposed to be there, but I won’t do it right now lol.

Edit 2: Done, I reuploaded a new file that should now be more functional.

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I’m having trouble installing this with M-ex. I tried importing the .usd file in the root, but it did nothing. DAT Wizard also didn’t work. How do I install this?

Never mind! I figured it out!

For those having the same issue as me: I used HSDRaw to import the file. I was then able to use M-ex to add the code needed, and everything worked as intended!

Thanks so much for adapting this CSS to Akaneia, btw!

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