Costume Validator by Ploaj

Simple tool to fix issues with fighter’s skeletons that cause desyncs on Slippi Rollback.

Steps to use:

  1. Download and install .NET Core 3.1 from this link
  2. Download Costume Validator and Unzip Contents
  3. Drag the desired costume onto the .exe file to verify and correct all fighters’ skeletons. The costumes can be:
    • A .dat/.usd file containing the costume
    • A folder containing multiple .dat/.usd files of the costumes
    • An .iso file containing the costumes
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People don’t know it yet — but this is gonna be one of the most important tools ever made for modding in the future

Hey, I’m curious about this: if say I dragged a full .iso over the .exe file does anything visually happen I should look for? Like maybe a CMD window opening or some notice that the outfit has been checked and is cleared? I tried dragging both a .iso file over the .exe file and a .dat file over the .exe and nothing happened so just wondering.

Coo coo. Good to know. Thanks for the quick response (:

Out of curiousity, if the validator program checks the .iso and makes the respective changes, does it modify the .iso? I have tried it on multiple isos and none had their “Date Modified” updated.

yo i still get the desync message after dragging the iso onto the exe file. is anything else supposed to pop up?

I have the same issue

I’m still getting Desync Detected after, but can confirm that doing what you said above makes it work. I’m thinking the desyncs are from stages; is there any way to make it work on stages?

not 100% if this was the tools fault but blue puff seems a lil… offcomment image
besides that the tool is a lifesaver, haven’t seen a desync since 🙏

Last edited 11 months ago by lilybombchu

Does this account for the very slight ECB differences with falcon? I get desyncs but only with Falcon skins after using this.