Animelee CSP Texture pack

Made an updated version of my animelee css to include the new added characters. It is now a texture pack so it is in HD (Zelda included). Comment if I made any mistakes.


  • fixed foxes blaster so it is in HD
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Where can I get that CSS?

I just get the error “After conversion, the data for “tex1_136x188_cbdcafb99d9a68e1_ffc755d7bfde3b80_9.png” was too large to replace the texture at 0x8C640.” every time I try to import the images into MnSlChr.usd

You have to manually compress the image to 136×188

looks amazing, just a couple small flaws

  • neutral falco has a shaded eye, the others don’t
  • red DK has a black line at the top
  • some of the captain falcon arms/hands aren’t in the same position as the others
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Jigglypuff seems white rather than Pink
and for the Ice Climbers’ 4th Skin… well I think Animelee’s team messed up and well, it might get fixed

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How did you get the CSS in there but keep the animelee select portraits?