Definitive Melee HD Dolphin and Slippi Texture Pack

About a year ago, my team and I released a proper full Melee HD texture pack was released on /r/SSBM.

Our team of /u/AlecksAlecks, Radzo73, Tyleto, u/quarantine_zone, Kirbeast and myself brought the best of the best together, and have added in many of our own textures you won’t find in other packs.

Namely, the character selection screen has been fully remade with portraits, CSS icons re-rendered and meticulously re-created as close to the original source images as possible. These renders were created from the character models featured in the Smash 2 project, so shout out to AlGeorgeRomo and team for their superb job on these models.

Thanks to our playtesters, MetalLegacy, Vianny, Liva, Carldacious, Readek, Stache, and Zapfy for ensuring this pack functions and for providing feedback.

And of course, special thanks to UnclePunch and Stache for all of their work getting together the original pack, as well as all the hard working talent over at / MeleeHD on GitHub.

Thanks to the SD Remix crew, the Faster Melee folks, Karmo1, solidturnip and the many others who have created Melee HD Packs in the past.

And thank you to Neil and ! C O for helping us with fonts.


Download links:

Melee HD – Main Pack

Melee HD – Full Pack

New Peach and Marth portraits (drag and drop)

Full Character Renders (includes new Marth and Peach renders)

Blender Scene Files

Hax$ and Altimor’s 1.03 HD Textures (Updated as of B3 beta)


Q: What’s the difference between the packs?

A: The folder contains 5 zips with the following names:

  • “Main pack” has textures for menus, hud, hit effects, and in-game competitive stages.

  • “Full pack” has everything contained in main pack, plus some upscaled character textures, some item textures, and some casual stage textures. It saves around 0.5GB of file size.

  • “Full Character Renders” is a set of the renders we created for the Super Smash Bros. Melee cast that can be used as assets for content creators, tournament organizers, or community tool makers for any purpose. Crediting is appreciated but not required! If you so choose, you may link to the MeleeHD Twitter account.

  • “Blender Scene Files” is all of the .blend files used for the renders. If used in anything, please read the included readme text file carefully to know how to credit properly if used for any purpose.

  • “Hax$ and Altimor’s 1.03 HD Textures” are HD textures intended for use with Hax$ and Altimor’s 1.03 Melee mod. This was added on November 21, 2021.

Q: How do I enable these textures once they’re downloaded?

A: Please view our trailer at 1:12, it shows you how to install the pack: First find your Dolphin/Slippi online directory, then go to User > Load > Textures and paste the GALE01 folder from the pack you downloaded there. Then go to Graphics > Advanced and ensure both “Load custom textures” and “Prefetch Custom Textures” are selected. You’ll want to check the “Prefetch Custom Textures” option to prevent in-game stuttering.

Q: Why is there no .DDS pack offered?

A: Mainly, the current build of Slippi, bulit off of Ishiiruka, doesn’t support BC7 DDS textures, only BC3. BC3 has many compression artifacts and is barely a visual upgrade compared to native-resolution. With OptiPNG, we felt the PNGs are optimized very well already. Down the road, we may release a BC7 .DDS texture pack separately, especially if Slippi online ever supports it.

Q: How did you create the character renders for the character selection screen portraits?

A: As mentioned above, the Smash 2 project made some wonderful Melee models we were able to import into Blender, polish, and render out. We are unable to share the .blend files at this time.

Q: I found an error / I have work to contribute to the HD Pack! Where do I go for feedback?

A: While there’s no dedicated spot for Melee HD feedback, if you post in the #feedback channel in the Discord server we can take a look.

Q: Will this make Melee harder to run?

A: Slightly, yes. It’s only recommended for users with decent PCs.

Q: What are the recommended settings for Dolphin while using this pack?

A: If you’d like, and your PC can handle it, you can increase the quality to 1080p. To do this, go to Graphics, the first Enhancements tab, and change Internal Resolution to 3x (1920×1584) for 1080p. You may also increase Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering settings, but this may affect performance. You can also enable widescreen for Melee. To do this, right click Melee from the game list, select Properties, and then click the Gecko Codes tab. Make sure “Optional: Widescreen 16:9” is enabled. Then, go to Graphics, and under the General tab, change Aspect Ratio from its current option to “Stretch to Window.” Then make sure you run the game at full screen by using alt+Enter. However, some users don’t like playing in widescreen due to off-screen indicators being oddly positioned, but actual death boundaries aren’t affected.

Q: Does this pack work on console?

A: No.

Q: Does this work with other Melee mods?

A: Yes and no. If any texture is modified from the originals, the texture names won’t line up and therefore won’t work. You may have have to “remap” the textures by renaming existing ones, or creating new textures from dumps and giving them the corresponding matching load names. However if a texture is unmodified, it will continue to work.

Q: Does this pack include the .blend files?

A: As of 11/7/2021, yes it does. Feel free to use them as long as proper credit is given, via the included README file in the download.

Q: What are the new Peach and Marth renders?

A: As a revision of this pack, Alecks has kindly improved the Marth and Peach renders’ lighting, and we’ve included it in the HD portraits as well as a separate drag and drop folder. Just visit the main folder in your GALE01 directory and drag and drop the main folder there, and replace the files when prompted.

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