DVD (Target Test) CSS Background **PORTRAITS FIXED**

The original post had some replaced, custom character Portraits (green falco, green falcon, etc). someone requested just the background/animation, so I took it upon myself to fix it; sorry if this is uncouth; I’ll try to check periodically if any comments are left with other issues

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$Disable Hardcoded CSS BG Anim
[UnclePunch] 04263384 48000010
for anyone lost, this code goes under “edit config” in the Gecko Codes section of the rom (Right click, properties, Gecko code) Under the “Gecko” text line. You will then see it appear and can click to enable it.
Same method for uncle punch.

The animation on the CSS freezes after a little while even after adding the Gecko code. Would you please fix this? Thank you for this, it looks great!